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070: Weepinbell by Prophecy-Inc 070: Weepinbell by Prophecy-Inc
"A Pokemon that appears to be a plant. It catches prey by dousing them in a toxic powder."
Sorry for the hold  up. I had to figure out what was up with my scanner. All fixed now! So here it is, Weepinbell. This was one of my forites back in red/blue/yellow.
Octoboy-the-8th Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013
Another member of the Bell family graces an appearance and what a belle she is! Really lovely work on this grass type dragon!

Weepinbell's design has never really been the most swoon-inspiring, so it's really nice to see all the imagination put into the leafy features of this foliage-decorated dragon. I really like the anole-style frill and all the reddish bits at the base of its sprouting leaves look super cool. Those chlorophyll-filled wings outstretched as this dragon basks in the sun look wonderfully majestic, and I kind of like how you've caught a bit of weepinbell's more droll side as well with a yawning mouth and wall-eyed stare that is reminiscent of magikarp. I really like the depiction of this great beast getting honeycomb fashioned inside it in a portrayal reminiscent of Samson. I also enjoy the combee's being less than certain about her feelings on her new home, mixed feelings which the insect's three faces do a humorously good job of displaying.

Like so many times, the paras mascots nearly steal the show here, with the paras's climactic fencing clash with the beedrill seeming like quite the edge-of-seat-worthy sight, while the other paras's comical expression of rage as it prepares to saw the weepinbell to a deadly drop in the style of a Looney Tunes villain is worth a real chuckle. I guess paras don't take kindly to being weepinbell's prey, now do they?

Gorgeous scenery as always. The blues of the water and sky and the painted sun very well give the feel of the gentle mid-afternoon sunshine and crystal-clear riverside of a day in the tropics. The pitcher plants are quite attractively drawn, and I kind of like the overgrown city in the background which kind of imply that nature conquers. The height of the canopy branch the dragon perches on kind of gives weepinbell the look of being the lofty ruler of the forest, but the perspective isn't immediately noticeable (I actually was trying to remember what kind of bug type pokémon had leafy antennae before I realized those were sawsbuck) which gives a feel of subtle, concealed authority and might coming from this dragon, which well suits the often inconspicuous, camouflaged ambush predator that weepinbell is.

Very well made. Surprised nobody's commented on this yet. Sorry it took me so long to give one. 
Prophecy-Inc Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you soo much! Weepinbell is one of my favorites and was very excited to get the chance to draw this one. I will admit it took me a long time to figure out how what the design should be... I have so many scraped drawings in my desk! I really enjoy the wing design my self. I though Weepinbell is kind of plain...but it will be a plant like dragon so the best place to put the vein structures would be the wings. :) And the pitcher plants i though were pretty cool. some reds to spice it up a bit. The jungle tops was thhe only place i could imagine a dragon like weepinbell. Sorry it took so long to scan this one. I've had it done for a while but my scanner crapped out on me. Took a minute to figure out what was wrong with it. heh. Spoilers: I'm doing Tentacruel. It's going to take me a little minute. He's one of those strangely shaped ones. lol THanks again for watching us!
Octoboy-the-8th Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
Ahh, tentacruel. I think a jellyfish dragon should be pretty neat, especially one that looks like tentacruel. That line looks like the kind you'd do well drawing. 
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